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Opening times for Oshwal Centre over the Christmas holidays are as follows:-

  25th December 2014 (Christmas Day)  –  Centre Closed  –  Derasar open until 10am

  26th December 2014 (Boxing Day)      –  Centre Closed  –  Derasar open until 10am

  1st   January 2015 (New Year’s Day)   –  Centre Closed  –  Derasar open until 10am





Have you accessed the Oshwal Directory and checked your details?

Please do so as soon as possible as we want to create a comprehensive directory which includes details of all Oshwals.

A paper version will be published in the new year once all data has been checked and new details uploaded.

For information on how to access the directory or to register your details, click here.



Anand Yatra Details

Every Friday at Oshwal Centre - Open to ALL Oshwal members.

Participate in the activities, have fun, meet friends and enjoy a delicious freshly cooked lunch.

Download details here


Enabling Network continues to provide a safe and fun environment for all ages with special needs and their families. Click here for dates from September 2014 to March 2015 and come and join them for a family fun evening at the Enabling Sports and Social Club (ESSC). 




All members will have received a letter regarding our fund raising appeal. We need your support now - If you would like to discuss your donation wishes with our Fund Raising Team, please contact the Office and they will put you in touch.

All donations are welcome and our Fund Raising Team are happy to meet with you if you would like a personal visit.



President's Message October 2014

Jai Jinendra



Diwali Greetings!


As the week of celebrations approaches, a very Happy Diwali to you all.


We start Diwali celebrations at Oshwal Centre on Thursday 23rd October – Diwali Day, with Chopda Pujan.  Starting at 6-30pm with dinner, the Pujan will commence at 8-00pm, followed by Aarti & Mangal Divo in the Hall & Derasar.  If you have not attended Chopda Pujan before, why not join us this year.  It is a time to reconcile our books, both spiritual as well as business.  It is a moment to appreciate and reflect on the past year, and seek forgiveness for any oversights.  Always well attended, we welcome first time visitors too.  Please register with the office or complete and return the registration form on the website. Places are limited so please act fast.


Friday 24th OctoberNew Years’ Day – The Derasar opens at 6-30am with a Dwar Opening ceremony to welcome the New Year.  The Derasar will remain open throughout the day with light refreshments served in Oshwal House until mid-day.


On Sunday 26th October starting from 10-30am we will have an open day event at Oshwal Centre, with a variety of displays and activities.  This year, the theme is on how Diwali is celebrated by different regions in India.   With foods stalls offering delicious dishes for all tastes, this is a great day out for the family to visit the Derasar and see the beautiful displays.  We look forward to seeing many of you.


The Derasar remains open throughout these auspicious days and you are most welcome to visit.



Community events continue, below are some of the events taking place in the next few weeks;


North East Area

Saturday 29th November – Punjabi Night 6-00pm – 10-30pm Mutton Lane

For more details please contact North East Area Committee or call the office


North Area

Saturday 1st November - Mini Bhukhar Competition at Oshwal House, Oshwal Centre.
Saturday 8th November - Whist Drive at Woodhouse College.

For more details, please contact North Area Committee or call the office


North West Area

Saturday 15th November Oshwal Ekta Centre - Diwali Garba for Kids

Saturday 22nd November at Oshwal Ekta Centre - Dinner & Dance with Shama & Party

For tickets and more details, please call Oshwal Ekta Centre on 020 8206 1141


Leicester Area

Thursday 23rd October – Chopda Pujan

Sunday 26th October – Diwali Celebrations from 2-30pm at Braunstone Community Centre,  Leicester.

Sunday 16th November – The Art of Living – Meditation & Breathing at Silverdale Community Centre,  Leicester.

For more details, please contact the Leicester Area Committee or call the office


West Area

Sunday 23rd November at Oshwal Centre – A hilarious ‘Gujlish’ (Gujarati & English) play

Vahali Aavi Sapna Lavi”. 

Lunch from 2-00pm with the show starting at 5-00pm.

Tickets just £15.00 for members and £20 for non-members.

Tickets are selling fast so please call the office or West Area Committee to book yours.


Oshwal Association celebrated a number of anniversaries.  August saw the second Anniversary of the acquisition of Oshwal Ekta Centre.  Now in use virtually every day, it’s hard to imagine how we managed without it.  Manned by a dedicated team of volunteers, Oshwal Ekta Centre supports regular local activities and has become a focal point for members residing in the Area. 


September saw the first Anniversary of the acquisition of Oshwal Shakti Centre.  This too has seen an increase in regular area activities with West Area Paryushan celebrated for this first time in our own hall. 


November sees the anniversary of the start of the refurbishment of Oshwal Centre Assembly Halls.  This too has seen a completely new look and transformation of our much admired centre, now offering some of the best community facilities in London.


We are now in the final phase of the refurbishment works. The Lift installation work has now started.  This will take approximately 21 days and will be fitted in between events being held at the Centre.  The refurbishment works are almost complete and we hope to have everything signed off before the end of the year.  You may have already seen the new chairs which have arrived, replacing the pink chairs which have served us well for almost 15 years.   


Fund Raising


You are all aware of the various fund raising schemes we are currently promoting.  The fund raising for Oshwal Centre Hall Refurbishment will close on 31st December 2014.  All donations of £1,000+ will have individual Takti’s.  The Takti’s are now being designed.  This is your last opportunity to be a part of the refurbishment fund raising scheme.  Remember the last Takti’s were put up 25 years ago, your Takti in 2014 will certainly be a lasting reminder to future generations.  Please contact the office, fund raising team or me, if you would like to discuss a donation.


Fund Raising Schemes for Ekta Centre and Shakti Centre as well as general donations remain open and are most welcome.  Please see the universal donation form on the website.


Oshwal Centre Opening & Dedication of Takti’s


We had originally planned to hold an opening ceremony in November 2014. The opening and dedication of Takti’s has been put back to 2015.  We will announce the date as soon as we are certain the works have been completed and the new Takti’s are installed.  We have a few dates in mind and once we are ready, we will inform members in good time.


Last weekend saw the Oshwal Open Racquets Tournament at Harrow Leisure Centre.  With strong participation from all areas and an age range from the youngest to the oldest, as well as those less able, all competing and enjoying a fun day. For the first time, Polybat (a version of table tennis for disability) was included and there were 14 participants ranging from learning difficulties to physical disabilities and made up of ages from 6 to 45 years. The participants and carers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and hopefully this is the start of many such events to come. OAUK have set up a regular series of sporting and social events under Enabling Network for those less able at Preston Manor School every 2 Fridays of the month. To participate in disability sports and for more information, please contact en@oshwal.org or join us.


The youth team are now gearing up for our Annual Sports Day(s) which will start on 6th December, 7th December and conclude 14th December and this year is held at Harrow Leisure Centre. Please encourage your younger family members to participate via the local Area youth club.


Last weekend was also Diwali in London - an annual gathering of thousands, celebrating Diwali in Trafalgar Square.  OAUK have been actively involved in this event since its start over 10 years ago.  If you did not make it this year, do try and attend next time, it is a wonderful celebration of Indian culture through music, dance, beautiful costumes and of course lots of varieties of food.


On behalf of my fellow Office Bearers, the Executive Committee, All Area Committees and The Board of Advisors, we wish you all a very Happy Diwali and a peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year.  We look forward to seeing many of you over the next few days.


In the meantime, if there is anything more you wish to know, or if you would like to speak with any of us, please feel free to get in touch.  Contact details are available at the office or email me.


Thank you


Jai Oshwal


Raaxeet Harakhchand Shah

Hon President

Oshwal Association of the UK

Email: president@oshwal.org



Oshwal News Articles


Current editions of Oshwal News are quite large files to download, so instead we have included key articles from each of the recent editions of Oshwal News magazines below for easy reference and downloading.


June 2013 Edition


March 2013 Edition


October 2012 Edition


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March 2012 Edition


January 2012 Edition



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