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Diwali in London

Sunday 11th October 2015 at Trafalgar Square.

Come along and celebrate London's festival of lights with a vibrant music and dance show.

Watch this short video to see the preview of the programme.

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Chopda Pujan

Wednesday 11th November 2015 at LV Hall, Oshwal Centre

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Sunday 15th November 2015....

Come and see how New Year is celebrated around the world.

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Health & Well Being Day

Sunday 22nd November 2015....


Free Health Screenings,

    Healthy Eating and Nutrition, 

       Education and Lectures, 

          Alternative Lifestyles and more....

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The 10th Anniversary Celebrations ended on Monday 31st August 2015. 

To the many who attended, we hope that you enjoyed the festivities.


It was a very full 4 days of celebrations, a very sincere thank you to all the volunteers who helped throughout. 

We will shortly upload photographs, videos and highlights that capture these very special 4 days of celebrations. 

Our thank you and appreciation to all the participants and to all our members and visitors.



Oshwal Association of the UK  Launched 10th Anniversary Celebrations on Thursday 27th August 2015,

see the photos and videos at




Oshwal Centre - Refurbishment

The Refurbished Assembley Halls were officially opened on 5th April 2015.

A huge Thank You to all the people who have so generously contributed towards the Oshwal Centre refurbishment.

To see the photos click here.


HRH The Prince of Wales

Visit to Oshwal Centre

Thursday 22nd January, we were honoured with a visit from HRH The Prince of Wales.  A visit arranged in conjunction with the Institute of Jainology (IOJ).

HRH The Prince of Wales was shown around our Derasar and addressed the invited guests before unveiling a plaque to commemorate his visit.  He also received the Ahimsa Award on behalf of all Jain organisations from the IOJ.

A full transcript of his speech is available – Click here

We have over 900 photographs of the visit to view – Click here

You can also order individual prints from the above link

A video of the visit with his full speech can be viewed – Click here




Anand Yatra Details

Every Friday at Oshwal Centre. Open to ALL Oshwal members.

Participate in the activities, have fun, meet friends and enjoy a delicious freshly cooked lunch.

For more details and to see the coach timetable click here





Enabling Network

EN continues to provide a safe and fun environment for all ages with special needs and their families.

Come and join them for a family fun evening at the

Enabling Sports and Social Club (ESSC).

Click here to see dates from May 2015 to March 2016. 





President's Message January 2015


Jai Jinendra 


Thursday 22nd January 2015 was a momentous day that will be marked in the history of Oshwal Association of the UK. 


A day when we welcomed HRH The Prince of Wales to Oshwal Centre.






In conjunction with the Institute of Jainology, under the banner of ‘One Jain’ we welcomed HRH The Prince of Wales on a cold crisp winter’s morning.


HRH was given a guided tour of our beautiful Derasar and took particular interest in it architecture, method of construction and the correlation between Indian Stonemasons and Indian Sompura’s with British architects and British engineers.  He was fascinated with the intricacy of the carvings and their symbolic meanings.  HRH has a very clear understanding of Jainism and its values which he expanded upon when addressing the gathered audience.


Before entering the Derasar, HRH removed his shoes and was anointed on his forehead with a kesar tika. 


He was then garlanded and led into the Derasar.

Upon entering, he observed a moment of reflection before hearing a recital of Navkar Mantra.  He walked around the Derasar and asked questions on the relevance of carvings and signs. He commented on the beauty of the Derasar and the calmness within it.


HRH was interested and marvelled at the ingenuity of stonemason who have for thousands of years built structures of wood and stone without using steel.  These structures have stood for hundreds of years and how the Derasar symbolises that same ingenuity.


On leaving the Derasar he viewed the exterior of the building and walked towards the three symbols, Right Faith, Right Knowledge & Right Conduct. These were explained to him before we made our way towards the assembly halls.






On entering the newly refurbished assembly halls, the Office Bearers and their spouses greeted HRH. 



Civic Dignitaries on the day included The Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire – The Countess of Verulam:  She is the Queen’s representative in the County of Hertfordshire and accompanies any Royal visitor.


HRH went on to meet the Office Bearers from the IOJ before being offered a cup of tea.  He then entered the LV Hall where he first greeted the remaining Civic dignitaries:

  • Cllr Peter Ruffles – Vice Chairman of Hertfordshire County Council
  • Mr Fergus McMullen – The High Sheriff of Hertfordshire
  • Cllr Les Page and Mrs Bette Philpot – Mayor & Mayoress of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
  • Chief Superintendent Jane Swinburne – Hertfordshire Constabulary Headquarters
  • Ms Susan Wright – Assistant Clerk to the Lieutenancy


He also met religious leaders:

  • Dr Harriet Crabtree – Chair Interfaith Network
  • Mr Michael Deboo – Zoarastrian Community
  • Mr Chonpel Tsering – Representative to The Dalai Lama in the UK


To rapturous applause, HRH walked through LV Hall meeting and greeting the assembled members and guests, shaking hands, asking questions and sharing a joke or two. 


Having met over half the audience, he was led to the stage and formally welcomed.  HRH was then awarded an Ahimsa Award in recognition of his work towards the environment, compassion for life and humanity.